Meet the Team

Antonio Cassella and Ligia Uribe have researched the neural circuitry in the union of classical and quantum computing that allows us to smile at a pun



Antonio Cassella has researched climate change, autism, and social intelligence during 22 years. He is a Petroleum Engineer from La Universidad del Zulia (Venezuela), has a master's degree in Psychology from Harvard University (USA), and holds a Doctor's Degree in Education and Teaching (EdD) from Universidad Simón Rodríguez (Venezuela).


Cassella is the main researcher of IMERISYA in Venezuela 

and Research Autism LLC in the USA and the EU.

Antonio believes that understanding autism and helping autistic individuals will induce Progress.



Ligia Uribe is the interviewer of Cassella's 3 Labyrinths and of his Theory-of-Everything. She holds a B.Sc. in Economy from Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas. She has enhanced her experience in the international  field through her studies in the Sorbonne University (Paris, France).

Mrs. Uribe is Antonio Cassella's first sounding board. Within IMERISYA in Venezuela and Research Autism LLC,  Ligia keeps track of  logistics, besides handling administrative issues.

Ligia has been working with autistic individuals during 29 years.