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Recall that only the printed, paperback books use underlining to highlight the 1st attention venerated by our autistic facet; bold to emphasize the 2nd attention cherished by our artistic facet; and their combination to exalt the 3rd Attention that we may reach in life if we lie to win with others, instead of lying just to help ourselves

With the exception of his theses and of the book "THE FLAMELESS FIRE," Cassella's books are available in English, Spanish, and Italian through AMAZON.

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Books by Antonio Cassella

Labyrinth 1, THE WAY OF HUNTING (English, Spanish, and Italian)


The 109 questions and answers of the “way of hunting" will allow you to explore: 

  • The onset of autism;
  • the dialogue between Hannibal and Scipio;
  • the development of social intelligence;
  • the reasons behind Galileo's condemnation;
  • why two thieves  were crucified with Christ;
  • the return of Quetzalcoatl from Venus; 
  • the song, “The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond”;
  • the final voyage of Marilyn Monroe; 
  • the smile of "Mona Lisa"; 
  • Leonardo's "Vitruvian Man"; 
  • the quest for immortality by Gilgamesh; 
  • the Catholic Eucharist; 
  • the  Cross chosen by Constantine the Great;
  • the fusion of infinity with zero; and 
  • the goring that killed Manolete. 

Labyrinth 2, THE WAY OF WAR (English, Spanish, and Italian)


The 106 questions and answers of the “way of war” will allow you to travel through: 

  • Global warming and terrorism,  
  • the quandary of Hamlet; 
  • the Wisdom of King Solomon; 
  • Jesus' answers to Pilates;
  •  the meeting  of Moses, Elias, and Christ;
  • the advice of Uncle Ben to Spider-Man;
  •  the victory of Cortés over Moctezuma II; 
  • the dream of Jacob at Bethel; 
  • the struggle of Jacob at Penuel; 
  • Rigoletto's sadness  in “La donna è mobile”; 
  • Muhammad's return to the Black Stone;
  • the crystals Urim and Thummim that the Angel Moroni loaned to Joseph Smith; 
  • the circle of stones of  Stonehenge; and
  • the vision of Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahman.

Labyrinth 3,THE WAY OF PROGRESS (English, Spanish, and Italian)


The 85 answers of the “Way to Progress” will allow you to seize: 

  • The riches of “El Dorado"; 
  • the cycle of water on Earth; 
  • the interplay of water, air, earth and fire;
  • the grace of the Great Mother and of Oscar Alberto Pérez;
  • the strength of the Viking Beowulf; 
  • Schrödinger’s cat;
  • the simultaneity of relativity and the relativity of simultaneity;
  • Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”; 
  •  the 39,000-year-old Gorham’s Crossing; 
  • the staffs No’am and Hovalim in the prophet Zechariah; 
  • the Xibalbá's hell in “Popol Vuh”;
  • why Julius Caesar won over Vercingetorix and the Gauls;
  •  the foresight of  Alexander the Great;
  • the advantage of Zatoichi, a blind masseur/swordsman; and
  • the bridge between psychology and neuroscience.

THEORY-OF-EVERYTHING (English, Spanish, and Italian)


The 15 questions and 10,000-words of AN UNLAWFUL LOOK AT AN EXTRAORDINARY THEORY-OF-EVERYTHING introduce the 300 questions and 200,000 words of the 3 labyrinths of "THUS RETURNED QUETZALCOATL."

  • In the first part, Antonio differentiates  the first attention  spared in high-functioning autism from the second attention impaired in the autistic spectrum. 
  • In the second part, he describes Hernán Cortés’ conquest of Tenochtitlan in 1521 and the return of Quetzalcoatl  with the secret of the Third Attention. 
  • In the third part, he highlights the alliance of classical locality with quantum nonlocality in Leonardo's  “Vitruvian Man.” 
  • Finally, the fourth part uses Leonardo's “Nativity” in recalling  the inception of the principles of the logos heuristics.

CLIMATE CHANGE AND TERRORISM (English, Spanish, and Italian)


This book explains: 

  • The laws  of nature and the mind;
  • Heisenberg's uncertainty principle;
  • the story of the Turkish poet Junus Emre;
  • the main characteristics of 

anthropic global warming;

  • the rise of hell on Earth;
  • the classical and quantum aspects of the Lord's Prayer;
  • the essence of social values;
  • the search for Leonardo's "Fight for the Standard" in the Hall of the 500 at Florence's Palazzo Vecchio;
  • How the author found the horizontal and the vertical placements of Leonardo's "Fight for the Standard"; and
  • Reversing global warming into global cooling by understanding the book "Of the 5 wounds of the Holy Church" by Antonio Rosmini. 



Antonio Cassella wrote "THE FLAMELESS FIRE" in English only. The book was published by Logos Research in Quincy (MA) in 2002 and printed in the same year by BookMasters, Inc.. 

  • Until 2009, Logos Research offered "THE FLAMELESS FIRE" in pdf format on a web page that is now closed. Here goes the second edition, reviewed in 2017. 

  • The characteristics of digital books and the fact that Cassella conserved the original Microsoft Word file allowed him to introduce electronic links. 

  • The "FLAMELESS FIRE" is the only book  in which Cassella reports the very improbable coincidences that led him to formulate the logos neuropsychological heuristics.

Cassella's Doctoral Thesis (Spanish)


The author adds here his qualitative research  to the quantitative results of Harvard University. This doctoral thesis presents Piaget's developmental stages, Masao Ito's cerebellar dynamics, and José Padrón's research on the handling of uniplural words. Cassella's semiotics follows the one developed by Charles Sanders Pierce and William Morris in the United States.

Cassella's Master's Thesis (English)


The volume sold by Amazon Kindle and Prime corresponds to the long version of the author's master's thesis in psychology at the ALM School of Harvard University.   The thesis discusses in depth the articles reviewed by Antonio Cassella, his experiment, and the quantitative results which allowed him to differentiate classical neural computing from 

quantum neural computing.

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Both the master 's (in English) and doctoral (in Spanish) theses of Antonio Cassella are available at Amazon in digital format .

The book The Flameless Fire is available at Amazon Prime in English, digital, and printed formats. 

The printed  books are given in full color.